AMPC PROJECT No. 2017-1067

Investigation of options and development of models for industry supply chain information system standards and programs - Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards

Supply Chain

Meat Messaging

The "Meat Messaging" system is based on the GS1 standards for numbering and barcoding of meat products and the GS1 EANCOM electronic message standards. Refer to the GS1 organisation in your country for details on the GS1 standards.

The "Meat Messaging" system is an online tool for the creation, sending, receiving, attestation statements and compliance declaration of meat products (carton, carcases, carcase portions, pallets, bulk packs and containers) GS1 EANCOM messages. These messages assist regulatory authorities with the authenticity, verification and traceability of meat products. The GS1 barcoding standards and GS1 EANCOM electronic message standards do not replace existing regulatory requirements, they assist and supplement these requirements.

For more details on regulations on export eligibility and requirement for export contact the relevant government representatives in your country.

Meat Messaging

Livestock Disease and Defect condition reporting standards

Meat Industry Disease and Defect Attribute Data Standards. This web site has links to display the Meat Industry attribute standards in various formats. The different formats are used for different purposes.

Disease and Defect Condition Recording and Reporting Data Set (Version 2)