RMSCC Supply Chain Information Standard

Standard: Lab data information standard
Status: DRAFT
Issue date: DRAFT

The Global Document Identifier (GDTI) is an identification model used to identify any kind of document, such as a Certificate of Analysis or Analysis Results report.


The ID is globally unique. Each organisation along the supply chain, from test laboratories to processing facilities to import warehouses, will be able to recognise who generated the report and where it is from.


GS1 GINSA standards, Identifying product samples


The Certificate Analysis GDTI can be printed physically on the document in its numbered format, however, it is more effective when it’s printed as a barcode. This can enable a fast, automated process. The GS2-128, GS1 Data Matrix and GS1 QR Code barcodes can all be used, depending on the needs of your organisation.

The Certificate of Analysis GDTI requires the following:

  • GS1 Company Prefix (this is given by GS1 through its member organisation)
  • A document type number
  • Serial number

The Document Type number and serial number should be sequentially assigned.

Example of the certificate of analysis

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