The Red Meat Supply Chain Committee (RMSCC) is a steering committee with representation from all the different peak industry bodies.

The RMSCC focuses on identification and information technologies and systems, from livestock production through to domestic retailers and international markets.

The activities of RMSCC are complementary to the systems, standards, products and guidelines developed by AUS-MEAT.

Committee Composition


Each member organisation of the RMSCC selects individuals to sit on the committee, governed by their own internal governance and policies.

Meetings are facilitated by AUS-MEAT, who selects the committee's Chair. In doing so, the RMSCC acts under the authority of AUS-MEAT in regards to the creation and maintenance of standards for the red meat industry.

The RMSCC has the authority to create Working Groups to assist in the drafting of information standards for the purpose of publication. The RMSCC in turn provides governance and coordination to these Working Groups.

The RMSCC does not have authority over the publishing of the information standards it develops. Instead, the RMSCC submits information standards drafts to the AMILSC for endorsement and publication.

Authority Diagram

Authority Diagram